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Dr. Faisal Manzoor elected new Secretary General of HOBA

Dr. Faisal Manzoor
Dr. Faisal Manzoor
Dr. Afaq Hussain
Dr. Afaq Hussain

Dr. Faisal Manzoor was elected as HOBA's new Secretary General amid a yet another noisy and full of commotion election. Dr. Faisal's panel consisted of Amjad Saeed Yazdanie from the 18th Entry and Azhar Ali Shah and Nadeem K. Haq, both from the 24th Entry. There were only two nominations received this year for the post of the Secretary General, after Nayyar Islam's announcement that he will not be contesting the elections this year. The other nomination for this post was that of Dr. Afaq Hussain from the 24th Entry. No nomination was received for the President's post, and accordingly Syed Ashfaq Hussain will continue to hold this post for another year.

Dr. Afaq's panel consisted of Tanvir Bukhari and Jahangir Sherpao, both of whom were contesting for the post of the Members of the Executive Committee. Ironically, during the scrutiny of the nomination papers, all other nominations were rejected except Dr. Faisal Manzoor and Fawad Manzoor. Fawad later withdrew his nomination papers. The management of HOBA later announced to accept all nominations which had earlier been rejected on some solid ground by the Scrutiny Committee.

Mr. Mahfooz-ur-Rehman was requested to be the Election Commissioner and was assisted by Mr. Misbah-ul-Hasnain. Strangely enough, all other members of the "Election Commission" were incumbent office bearers of HOBA.

Some people put the estimate of Abdalians present at the Annual General Meeting to be about 500. But it came out as a shock to many once Mr. Mahfooz-ur-Rehman announced that only 79 people had cst their vote. This comes to around 16% of the people present, denoting that 84% people did not vote.

The announcement made by Mahfooz Sb about the vote count was as follows:

Dr. Faisal Manzoor's Panel

1. Dr. Faisal Manzoor (66 votes)

2. Nadeem K. Haq (73 votes)

3. Amjad Saeed Yazdanie (70 votes)

4. Azhar Ali Shah ((68 votes)

Dr. Afaq Hussain's Panel

1. Dr. Afaq Hussain (12 votes)

2. Tanvir Bukhari (12 votes)

3. Jahangir Khan Sherpao (13 votes)



#3 Qaisar Manzoor 2010-03-01 22:19
I am Qaisar Manzoor, Yes I am the younger brother of Dr Faisal Manzoor, recently elected Secretary General of HOBA. I am definatey very proud of my brother. Indeed with great pride I would like to point out that My brother won against a man for whom I have tremdous respect and affection. Some of you who dont know Afaq Hussein please allow me to write a few words about him. He is from the 24th entry the same as mine, Wing Commander of Liaqat Wing, and even though I moved to USA in 1983, I have always kept myself updated about him as to me he is someone who is a gentleman and is destined to be a great leader and member of the society. I am glad I was not present as it would have been extremly painful for me not to vote for him. It is also with great pleasure and pride I claim to be friends of AZHAR ALI SHAH and NADEEM K HAQ, both from my 24th entry and newely elected members of the executive body of HOBA. PEOPLE WATCH OUT THE 24TH ENTRY IS HERE TO STAY FOR A LONG TIME. WE JUST STARTED AND IT IS JUST THE BEGINNING.
#2 Qaisar Manzoor 2010-03-01 21:53
I have attended a number of Abdalian functions where not only young Abdalians but some older and senior Abdalians try to sneak in along with their family members without paying the door fees and at times it was not even Rs 100 per head. I do understand that we are all Abdalians, however; any successful association needs substantial financial resources to achieve a certain level of success and these funds are cumulated through membership fees on a consistant basis. Unfortunately some of us have a habit of being crashers at programs like this. I have heard that on Feb 28, 2010 a great many of the free loader Abdalians left after the Lunch. Shame on all of them. Gentlemen we all know that 99% of the abdalians are financially stable enough to dish out the membership fee as a strong Old Boys Association is in the interest of all of us. Lets Just imagine the kind of political/social clout the association would enjoy if atleast 50% of the old boys would become permanant members. It is a shame that this great insitution has educated over 6,000 successful graduates so far who have gone on to become Scientist, Doctors, Engineers, Businessmen, Politicians and General, technocrats, buerocrats yet it has less than 200 permanant members. What a Shame. I dont think paying Pk Rs3,000.00 for a life time membership is too much. It is only 3,000 and i assure you most you spend more than that on a bottle of Scotch Whisky in one night.
#1 Rashid Aziz 2010-03-01 16:28
Were we a civilized community behaving at the CCH on sunday?. This remained a quiz and more so after the fanstastic and memory lane journey with the teachers. It was disgusting and more worrisome on the moral grounds college is preparing for the new generation. The conflict and disagreement is our right but did we teach our youngsters respect of seniors. We may have serious reservations on memorandum changes and modality for which President has made a committee to correct the wrong done if so. where were all the over 400 boys before lunch at the time of election, were they Ghost Abdalians wearing false identities. On another discussion point each alumni across the world has norms of membership and these poor chaps at HOBA are not asking something out of context ( fee being charged though seems bit steep). You surely are an Abdalian for ever as always said so but you cant be a Member of the Alumi unless paid for and registered.