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Rejected Yesterday! Accepted Today! Twice in two years!

After all three nominations for the position of the President were REJECTED by the Scrutiny Committee earlier, it held a meetingĀ again on 17-Feb-2011 to discuss the future of the elections on 13th March 2011. The meeting was presided by the incumbent President. It can be safely assumed that participants of this meeting comprised of the members of the Scrutiny Committee and the President only.

According to the official website of HOBA, all members of the Scrutiny Committee unanimously held that the scrutiny process was "transparent" and "unbiased". The members of the Scrutiny Committee also held that "whatever" is the rule, it must be adhered to by the "educated class of Abdalians".

Despite the unanimous view opined by the Scrutiny Committee, that the rejection of nomination papers was correct under the law, the same people decided to accept the nomination papers of all three candidates. However, it decided that "let this be the last time to allow elections on erroneous nomination papers". NO MR. PRESIDENT! YES MR. PRESIDENT!

Interestingly, in a similar situation in last years elections, the Scrutiny Committee and the subsequently formed Wider Committee, decided that it will be "the first and the last time" that elections will be allowed to proceed on erroneous nomination papers. This year the Committee repeated what it said last year. So much for the rule of law! An interesting situation will surface, when the new President will preside his first meeting, only to note that all other members sitting around the table rejected his nomination as the President!

It is generally being felt within the Abdalian community, which all belongs to the educated class, that the elections have become a farce. No wonder that the younger Abdalians do not have any interest to participate in various Alumni programmes. HOBA over the years has failed to encourage alumni to register as members. The voters list depicts a grim view, considering there are only a few hundred elegible voters out of 6,000 plus alumni spread around the world. The Abdalian Association should encourage younger alumni to come forward and contribute towards the ever expanding family.


#4 Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik 2011-03-10 19:10
Dear Rashid Aziz, you are correct but I request you to please come and vote any candidate of your choice and dont miss your precious vote. With regards. Engineer Jameel. 11th Entry.
#3 Rashid Aziz 2011-03-06 18:12
I thought as per norms General secretary along with a independent external member conducts the elections, how come finance secretery is managing it raising controversy again. Why cant we have a proper election like other independent large entities like IAP, PEC etc. Waste of time to attend such stupid election
#2 Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik 2011-02-23 17:37
Dear Tariq and All Abdalians! I fully agree with your point of view and in this context, it would not be out of place to mention here that on 20th February 2011, I received a message from Mr. Nayyar Islam which reads \"Result of appeals against scrutiny of nomination. Scrutiny considered transparent. However, all candidates are allowed to contest elections. Best of luck. President HOBA.\" And to which, I immediately replied to President HOBA and all others members of scrutiny committee through SMS and I wrote \"Very strange! If scrutiny is transparent than President HOBA don\'t have any power to accept my Appeal under Abdalians Memorandum.\" With regards. Engineer Jameel. 11th Entry.
#1 Tariq Niazi 2011-02-22 21:40
Please stop this nonsense and grow up. It was a beautiful thing to hear senior abdalians running the show and there were no controversies. Now it seems hell has broken lose and we have become the most disorganized people in the world. Where has the good old abdalian spirit gone to? This shows our national character and we should take the blame.